Assembling The Dream Team

What’s most important in creating something successful is that you must have the right people on the team. Our team must be filled with believers who share the same vision for delivering clean comedy and family entertainment. I began hitting the phones to see who might want to jump on this crazy train with me! I first contacted my old friend Vince Foglio of Milestone Media to see if they might want to get involved. Vince and I go back over 20 years and we have worked on other television projects together before. His company is great at all areas of production. Vince loved the idea and said “YES!” I reached out to my buddy Bigg Slice, who is an old friend who’s church I frequent as a speaker. Bigg Slice is an accomplished actor and music producer. He is a gentle giant who loves God and is a loyal friend. I called another friend named Scott Wood, better known as Mr. Punchline, who is a comedian and writer and he also expressed positive excitement to participate. Scott was an easy choice because I knew he had experience making people laugh all over the country and I knew that he was looking for stuff to do at the time. I called my longtime friend and world-class musician Bryan Duncan and to my joy, he also shared great interest to be involved. Bryan and I go back almost 30 years. I was the new kid in CCM and he was the veteran artist playing all over radio. We continually crossed paths and I immediately knew he would be a perfect band leader for the show. I was filled with joy when he said he wanted to join the show! I wanted to make sure that each person I was contacting would create a win/win/win scenario. I knew that they would add value to the show, that their involvement would add value to our viewers and that the show would add value to their careers. I am feeling overwhelmed with happiness and pleasantly surprised to seeing things come together so organically. Thank you, Lord.

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