Episode 2

Featuring special guest interview and stand-up comedy segment with actor, comedian, and voice-over artist Mark Christopher Lawrence. Comedy sketches (Short-term Memory Mike, Gary Busey, Bishop Spitz’ and Donald Trump) featuring Mr. Punchline Scott Wood, Chuckie Perez, and Bigg Slice. Boy Band comedy sketch with Mark Christopher Lawrence, Bigg Slice, Russ Reshaw, Chuckie Perez, and Scott Wood. Music by Bryan Duncan & Soul Furnace Band.

Executive Producer, Creator & Host – Chuckie Perez
Directors – Mark McCallie, Vince Foglio, and Jonathan Valverde
Written by Chuckie Perez & Scott Wood
Production & Editing – Milestone Media Studios, Vince Foglio, Jonathan Valverde
Sound – George Urrutia
Stage Managers – Robert Bane & Jonathan Valverde
Wardrobe provided by Don Umer Ghaznavi
Make-up provided by Cheyenne Garvert & April Rudy “You Are Simply Stunning”

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