Episode 3

Featuring an intimate interview & live performances from Mari Burelle and a stand-up comedy performance from T. Faye Griffin.
Comedy sketches with Bigg Slice, Pastor Phil Aguilar, Bryan Duncan, and Mr. Punchline Scott Wood.

Executive Producer, Creator & Host – Chuckie Perez
Directors – Mark McCallie, Vince Foglio, and Jonathan Valverde
Written by Chuckie Perez & Scott Wood
Production & Editing – Milestone Media Studios, Vince Foglio, Jonathan Valverde
Sound – George Urrutia
Stage Managers – Robert Bane & Jonathan Valverde
Wardrobe provided by Don Umer Ghaznavi
Make-up provided by Cheyenne Garvert & April Rudy “You Are Simply Stunning”

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