The New Guy

It’s interesting how things sometimes work out. Sometimes things come indirectly or when we aren’t really expecting or even looking. A mutual acquaintance introduced me to a fellow believer who had expressed interest in helping out with our show. I invited him to one of our production meetings to get to know him and explore a potential collaboration. Within 10 minutes of our meetings he humbly chimed in and offered to take meeting notes for us. Half way through our meeting he began politely offering up wise input, feedback and suggestions on areas that we could improve our brand and show. We were all impressed and delighted to meet this gentleman. By the end of the meeting, it was clear to me that God had intentions to have him part of our team. I am excited to see where he will evolve with us over time. His name is Bryan and he has an extremely diverse background as a musician, producer, businessman and a marketing expert. 🙂

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